About Us


We are a family company—we live, work and play together, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Having these close relationships within our business has been to our advantage in an industry where the work environment can often be stressful or high risk, and communication is paramount. Riding the forefront of a now rapidly growing industry, SkySight has established itself as one of the most reliable and pleasant teams to work with on set.
SkySight was born from the minds of a few lifelong tinkerers who grew up taking everything apart and building RC cars and gliders. Bolstered by studies and careers in engineering, aerospace, physics and biology, SkySight is more than a company; it is the expression of a lifelong passion and a choice to live life differently.

Though our main operations are based out of Boulder, CO, we also have a west coast office in Portland, OR.

Meet The Team


A student of optical engineering who has worked for Ball Aerospace, designed 3D holograms, and seen the beginning of a few Boulder start-ups, James was a natural fit for the emerging RC aerial world, and keeps SkySight pushing the boundaries of exceptional aerial cinematography.

James Jensen


As a former chef in the fine dining world, Soren thrives in high intensity situations and lives at full throttle. He is never happier than when he is traveling somewhere new, and he will be the one rousing you at 4 AM to capture the perfect shot, which makes him an incredible team member to have on any production.

Soren Jensen


Though a biologist and psychotherapist by training, August doubles as a camera operator and our IT manager. He spearheads the Jensen family love for neo-asian cuisine and is usually fermenting, pickling or brewing any number of foods.

August Jensen

Pilot/Camera Op

A student of the arts, Claire unexpectedly found herself joining SkySight as our ‘Jane of all trades’. From accounting to marketing and social media, and filling the gaps in between- Claire keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes at our Portland office.

Claire Jensen

Accounts Manager

Jim is a Boulder filmmaker specializing in Adventure film and promotional videos. When on set with SkySight he brings a natural eye to every shot and enhances any production with his extensive knowledge and easy-going personality.

Jim Aikman

Camera Operator

Mascot and all around mutt extraordinaire, Wilson is everyone’s favorite team member. If he had opposable thumbs and wasn’t busy sleeping under everyone’s desks, he would be on shoot with us everywhere.