SkySight Motion Cinema

Emmy award winning aerial cinematography & handheld videography

Aerial Cinematography Showreel

SkySight is an industry leading Motion Cinema company specializing in Radio Controlled (RC) Videography, including multi-rotor aerial cinematography, handheld MoVI operation, and Flylines

Aerial Cinematography Drone
FAA Certificate of Operation Aerial Cinematography
SkySight FAA Approved

The U.S. has the busiest and most complex airspace in the world, so compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration is crucial. Rest assured, the FAA has issued our Section 333 Grant of Exemption and a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization

Why Choose SkySight?


RC Aerial Videography teams aren’t formed overnight, which is why many choose to go it alone. As a family owned and operated business we’ve had 30+ years developing the teamwork and communication skills that enable us to get the shot.


The success of your production MATTERS to us, and our experience has taught us that one of the best ways to ensure a smooth production is to leverage our commitment by investing in the best handheld and aerial cinematography technology that’s available.


In the production world, there’s no substitute for on-set experience. Our dynamic and capable teams have been forged on 5 continents in 12 countries, working on big commercial production as well as agile adventure-oriented sets that need to move and adapt quickly.